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Launch your own brand of supplements and increase your revenue by 2-5 X !

No Gym Too Small. No Order Too Complicated.

Plans to fit your every fulfillment need.




*Low 50 MOQ

Plan Features:

Unlimited Transactions
Unlimited SKUs
1 Sales Channel






Better Pricing 50 MOQ

Same as "Explore" Plus:

Lower Fulfillment Fees

Bundling & 3PL

3 Sales Channels



most popular




Same as "Standard" Plus:

Guaranteed Inventory*

Marketing Inserts

FBA Prep





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Custom Plan

Plan Features:

Supplement Manufacturing

Multi Sales Channels

Custom Formulas



*No MOQ & Guaranteed Inventory in “Professional Plan” refers to our Signature Inventory

Our Quality Products. Your Recognized Brand

Ready to elevate your fitness empire to new heights?

level your impact

Amplify Your Impact

At HoneyComm Health,™ we are here to power your growth and amplify your impact with top-tier, custom-branded supplements.

Effortless Product Fulfillment

With our Signature Inventory, MOQs as low as one, and 3-day shipping across America*, we are your partner in effortless product fulfillment. Say goodbye to hassles and hello to streamlined operations, profitability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. 

(*Worldwide Shipping Available)

effortless fulfillment
new income streams

Open New Income Streams

Whether you are a seasoned fitness franchise or a burgeoning solo enterprise, our tailored solutions are designed to supercharge your business. Maximize your client base, optimize revenue streams, and skyrocket your gains with HoneyComm Health™ supplements.

Take the Next Leap in Your Fitness Journey Today. Unleash the Potential of Your Business and Watch Your Success Story Rewrite Itself.

Low Risk. Large Gains.

Sports and Fitness supplements were a $18.5 billion industry in 2022 with predictions to pass the $30 billion mark by 2030.

Expanding your business to include supplements, apparel, shakers and more is an easy step to leveling up your business and HITTing new goals. Your members already come to you for their fitness needs and health community. Why not provide extra support through readily available and custom-branded quality-wellness products?

large gains 2

This could be YOUR gym.

Approximately 75% of all Sports and Fitness supplements are provided through physical locations - specifically specialty stores and fitness centers.

Those could be YOUR members.

Ongoing research shows that 43.8% of gym-goers regularly consume nutritional supplements!

These could be YOUR products.

146% Markup
Sports Nutrition

Maximum Muscle

211% Markup
Sports Nutrition

Pre-Workout Energy & Focus Pink Lemonade

131% Markup
Sports Nutrition

BCAA Fruit Punch

126% Markup
Sports Nutrition

Pre-Workout Energy & Focus Fruit Punch

176% Markup
Sports Nutrition

Shed Fat

Honeycomm Health Guarantee:

*Worldwide Shipping Available

We Are Here to Get You Started With...

Our Role

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Our Role

Your Role

Provide extra value for every customer who walks through your doors with high-quality and custom-branded wellness supplements.





1,000’s of Satisfied Customers Just Like You!

“We've been using HoneyComm since it was in beta, and it has saved us hours upon hours of tedious work… and helped us make more money! We can browse and save products to the app for further analysis and optimization, we can organize our “catalog” of potential products into boards, publish directly to our different Shopify™ stores from within the app.”

eCommerce Business Owner

“I've known Lowell for several years now, so not only can I recommend HoneyComm but also the man behind HoneyComm as well. I've taught thousands of students how to grow their eCommerce business from start to scaled and HoneyComm is one of the must have tools each student at any level needs.”

Matt Schmitt
eCommerce Coach

“This amazing app has made my life much easier by automating the entire product adding process leaving out all the headaches of doing it manually, which saved me so much time.”

Honeycomm User

“Best app created when it comes to adding products and fulfilling orders. With the various product suppliers, it makes scaling my business a quick and easy process.”

Honeycomm User

“If you are serious about running a successful E-com site, HoneyComm will vastly simplify the product curation process. In a nutshell, You need to get this tool!”

Lee Bucket
Honeycomm User

“I have been with HoneyComm for over two years. If you plan to run a successful eCommerce business, then you will only be able to do it with HoneyComm. Everything about their system up to and including customer service is top-notch. I could have not designed a better system myself.”

Honeycomm User

“HoneyComm has saved me countless hours of work through all of its automation. I can quickly find and add products to my website and then HoneyComm takes it from there. They automatically keep my quantity up to date and take hours off of the fulfillment process with their automated ordering system. I also love their profit dashboard which makes financial tracking SOO EASY! I couldn't run my business without them!”

Honeycomm User

“By using HoneyComm I'm able to upload products so fast and easy! It literally takes 2 minutes and your product is moved over… Really I just wanna say it is BADASS!”

Lawrence Aponte
Honeycomm User

Super Fast Support! Our support team averages a less than 4 minute response time to most questions and offers multiple resources to help you.

Gym Owners – With Honeycomm Health, you barely need to warm up before you will start seeing those newbie gains!